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At times feeling positive can feel beyond our reach but the more positive we feel the easier our life becomes and the more good things we attract.


When you have made a mistake or you find yourself in a negative situation, try and take a couple of minutes out and think of at least one positive thing within the situation, two is even better!


The people we surround ourselves have a big impact on how we feel, if you find that you have friends that are constantly negative and are dragging you down, is it time to spend less time with them? Or even if you find yourself in a toxic negative relationship whether as freinds or romantically involved is it time for you to end it for your own physical and mental wellbeing?

Positivity does not only come from the people you are with but with what you consume through the media eg social media, look at who you follow and think how do they make you feel, if it is not good then simply unfollow. Bring posivity into your home whether with bright colours, inspiring quotes and house plants.


We live in a fast paced 24/7 world but when we go too fast we can forget to appreciate the positive, make sure you take breaks, you priotise sleep and that you take a look at breathing exercises to calm your nervous system down.


Sounds simple but if we do not look after ourselves those negative thought can creap in, so make sure you feed your body and mind with nutritional food, move your body in whatever you want; dancing, skipping, basketball, jogging, fast paced walking all will make your body produce Endorphins making you feel better.


Crystals are great to remove negativitiy and bring positivity into your life. Crystals can raise your vibration . Rose Quartz helps encourage joy and love into our lives. Citrine encourages positivity into our lives. Take a look at our healing crystals bags to encourage what you want into your life


Spread positivity to others and you will find that positive attitude to others will eventually come back to you, so send that nice text to a friend, tell someone close you love them, hold the door open for a stranger, say please and thank you and be kind.


When you laugh it actually increases oxygen in your body and releases those happy hormones and helps relieve tension and improve your mood. When you are struggling to feel positive it can seem hard to laugh but watch your favourite silly comedy and when you wake up smile at yourself in the mirror.


Affirmations are positive statements that reinforce positive thoughts and attitudes, say them in the present tense and they can help change your mindset, for inspiration check our our instagram or join our free Facebook group

Try and incorporate some of these positive tips into your life and start making the changes today!

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