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Each month has a different stone and wearing your personal gemstone is thought to bring luck to you, offer protection and encourage good health. Birthstones stem from ancient times, but the modern list is slightly different. Of course whatever month you are born these beautiful crystals are suitable for anyone, why not collect them all!

January - Garnet

The first month of the year starts with a gem available in a rainbow of colours! Did you know that there is a legend that says that garnets light up at night and protects the owners from nightmares! A perfect gift for a loved one born in January to protect them and ward off those negative feelings.

Febuary - Amethyst

Amethysts have been reported to open a person's third eye helping spiritual alignment. This is also a great stone to enhance spiritual elightment.

March - Aquamarine & Bloodstone

You are spoilt for choice in March with these two beautiful stones. Aquamarine is the more modern birthstone and is assoicated with the throat chakra. Aquamarine is a wonderful stone for mediation.

Bloodstone is the ancient stone of March, this is a stone that is fantastic to help bring order into your life. Bloodstone is also great to help boost your intuition.

April - Diamond

Who doesn't love diamonds?! This is one of the most expensive birthstones and of course is the hardest - not completely unbreakable but they are the hardest mineral on earth! If you are feeling lost diamonds are perfect to cleanse your aura of negative thoughts and welcome the light back into your life.

May - Emerald

Beautiful green emerald is the birthstone of May, emerald is linked to the heart chakra. This is a stone of love whatever type or form of love it may be. Emerald it a great stone to help keep the peace and encourage in your home and also to help manifest wealth, so much to love!

June - Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl

You lucky people born in June as it actually has 3 birthstones associated with it. Starting with Alexandrite which is beautiful and can look either red or green depending on the light it is under. Alexandrite is very rare and was discovered in Russia, it brings luck, love and good fortune.

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings! It will help inspire you and decide what path you wish your life to take. Moonstone can help sooth stress.

Finally Pearl is not really a stone or crystal more a gem. Pearls can be used to protect you from unwanted energy. Pearls are also thought to attract good luck and wealth.

What one of the three will you choose?

July - Ruby

Wonderous rubies considered the king of gems! They are one of the most vaued gemstones. Rubies encourage passion and happiness into your life which I am sure we all desire. This is a stone that can reenergise you.

August - Peridot and Spinel

Two beautiful stones to choose from in the month of August, firstly Peridot a stone of harmony bringing harmony to both your mind and body. Looking to boost your creativity? Then this could be the stone for you.

Spinel is assoiciated with the root chakra perfect to help build relationships and commit to a partner. This is also a stone to improve stanima both the physical and mental kind.

September - Sapphire

People love the beautiful blue colour of Saphhire (and it is Greek for blue) but it can also be found in green, pink and yellow. Saphhire brings the promise of honesty and loyalty and is very popular on engagment rings. It is an ancient stone and it brings protection and spiritual insight.

October - Tourmaline and Opal