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This listing is for collective spell casting 

collective means lots of people included in casting & no contact from me.

private spell casting is also available to do check out this from the drop-down menu

A private spell casting is completely different & powerful as we work together we have contact & I will spell cast for you ONLY over 7 or 14 or 21 nights depending on the one you choose your chances are massively amplified with a private spell casting with me the powerhouse witch changing lives with my magic & power.

Collective Casting this is performed
every week to help people who can't afford my private fees please note in a collective casting you may need multiple weekly castings for me to work on your energy, please don't think you donate & your whole life will change magic doesn't work this way it's about energy, intention & power. 

Each £10 donation will get your name added once make multiple donations to have your name added multiple times giving your spell a powerful spell boost meaning more faster & powerful intent.

It's so important to have power items such as necklaces or bracelets or crystals to go alongside your spell casting it is what will connect you to the magical realms like a magnet!

After you make your donation to the casting I will email you with my own personal recommendations for you so do check your spam folder.

Collective Spell Casting Options

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