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Please note Becoming a VIP Monthly Subscriber to our Spiritual Magical Subscription Box means a payment once a month will be taken from your bank account you can cancel at anytime.

Our currency is GBP the price is £45 pounds plus postage each month.


The VIP boxes get dispatched as close to the middle of the month as we can there is no specific date.


When your monthly spiritual box has been sent you will receive a tracking number via email so you can track your order.


Signing up for this Monthly Magical Spiritual Subscription Box will bring you enlightenment, peace & joy into your life allowing all your true desires, dreams, wants & needs to flow to you like river water.


Using the items in your Spiritual Subscription box will allow you to reconnect with yourself again on a higher level it will allow you to clear out the negative feelings & emotions that are holding you back so you can go forward with grace & easy.


Each month you will receive a box full of spiritual blessed goodies all items are chosen with the angel master goddess guidance & Reiki Healing energy infused with a witches magically touch.


All herbs from Candles, Wax Melts, Sprays, Spell Bags are picked from my spiritual haven garden & woods they are also handmade for each person & unique to you.


Sign up for a truly magically experience.


Every month I will look after you as I carefully pack your box with love & light & guided by the spiritual magically realms angels & divine.


Every month you will receive different items I will always be guided by spirit on what is best for you for that month but in general you can expect things like Sage, Incenses, Crystals, Candles, Wax Melts, Spell Bag every month will be different scents & themes.


I will include things like, sage so you can clear away any negative unwanted energies in your home or work place.


Selenite crystal so you can cleanse & clear & protect your energy


Citrine Crystal for you to carry in your pocket so you can attract Money & Wealth to you.


Manifesting Blessed Candle - Wax Melt & Spray full with herbs & crystals to bring you your desires from Love, Money, Wealth, Luck, whatever you desire this manifesting ritual will make your wishes come true.


I hope the above is a good example for you


Let the Spirit Masters help you take control of your life with our Magically Healing Secret Tools to change everything for you.


This is a subscription Service payment will be taken once a month every month however you can also cancel at anytime.


The products and services offered and displayed on this website are not a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care.


Under UK Law I am required to state that all products and services offered by me are for entertainment purposes only and, like all religious or faith beliefs, not experimentally proven. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase and/or use products and services offered and displayed on this website.

Ancestor Divine Spirit VIP Spiritual Box

Price Options
Spiritual Box
£45.00every month until canceled
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