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Please note price will include a spell on all your crystals I will place a protection & wealth spell on your crystals & infuse them with magical energy.

Natural Protection Luck & Healing Crystal Gift Box Reiki Crystals.

Made of high quality natural stone, help to get rid of negative energy from your body and your environment.

Place them on your altars or within any sacred space, they can be used to raise the vibration of location.

Promote a healthy flow of positive energy throughout your space due to the nature of gemstone, carving may slightly vary in size, color and shape.

The products and services offered and displayed on this website are not a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care.


Under UK Law I am required to state that all products and services offered by me are for entertainment purposes only and, like all religious or faith beliefs, not experimentally proven. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase and/or use products and services offered and displayed on this website.

Mega Luck Healing Magic Protection Crystal Gift Set

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