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Love Potion Wax Melts handmade & hand crafted & blessed by a Witch & Wizard.

We use a ancient secret blend of aromas & magically herbs collected from our garden.

You will receive X1 Wax Melt they are so highly scented & infused with strong scent & herbs that you can get 3 uses out of each piece meaning 18 uses in total just re-melt the wax melt the next day in your oil burner.

If you don’t have a oil burner we have them available on our other listing.

Made with 100% soy wax the best you can get!

Simply break one piece of the wax melt place into your oil burner let the aroma & blessing full your room as you call upon your higher power the angels the masters the creator.

All our products are bespoke unique & handmade you won’t find our secret recipe anywhere else.

When using your Love Potion you can ask for love to come to you or your soul mate or someone to come back to you anything related to love this potion will help you attract your outcome.

Just envision the outcome you want close your eyes and imagine the feeling of receiving what you want.

Combining our ancient spells & blends with your manifesting intentions you will attract Money come to you.

Love Potion Spell Wax Melts handmade & blessed by a Witch & Wizard

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