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One Thumb Worry Stone Spirit Will Chose For You!

One Thumb Worry Stone Spirit Will Chose For You!


Worry stones are polished crystals or stones with indentations on one side to fit your thumb.

They are used to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Worry stones have been used throughout history in different parts of the world. The Ancient Greeks pulled them from the sea and used them for calming themselves. Indigenous peoples held them and passed them on from generation to generation.

They were also used long ago in Tibet and Ireland, as well as in nearly every culture around the world. Their popularity only seems to increase as time goes by.

Plus you can add a spell to your own Crystal! As a powerhouse witch I can place my magic on your Crystal so you can attract the desires you need & dreams you want or perhaps you need protection? Whatever it might be I would definitely recommend placing a spell on it as the power will be amplified for you.

Under UK Law I am required to state that all products and services offered by me are for entertainment purposes only and, like all religious or faith beliefs, not experimentally proven. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase and/or use products and services offered and displayed on this website.

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