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Stunning Sterling Silver Heart Crystal Necklace & Earring Set

Stunning Sterling Silver Heart Crystal Necklace & Earring Set


This set is a perfect gift to yourself or someone else the matching necklace & earrings are a true statement of beauty.

Keeping the crystal close to your chest will enable the power of the crystal to work faster keeping you protected & grounded each crystal represents & offers something different check out the options above.


Exciting news you can now add on a personal spell to your item please note this is not a private spell casting no contact or reading will be done this extra option of having a spell cast is on your item only.


This is something I will do privately at my alter & under the moon & stars just for you I am a very powerful witch helping 100's of people with my power & magic.


Let me cast a powerful spell on your item from money or wealth or banishing someone from your life or removing negative energy or hexes & more! I am offering you this extra it's £15 extra to add on just choose the spell you want on your item from the above options then I will place a spell on your item before sending it out to you or you can just purchase the item on its own.

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