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60 min Private Reading via Phone with Alan or Caroline

60 min Private Reading via Phone with Alan or Caroline


Welcome 🙏 if you need insight & guidance in your life or perhaps a connection to a passed love one we are here for you.

Alan & Caroline are available for private readings they are both

The purpose of private reading is to provide insight on past, present and future situations.

It also to help provide guidance with problems that you may be facing, be it love, finances or just life in general.

With this, it should also help you to move forward. In every tarot card reading, I am completely honest and will only say what the cards tell me and what my intuition says rather than what you would like to hear.

Tools used in your reading:

Crystal Ball

Angel Cards

Tarot Cards




Past Life

Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing

Angelic Healing


1: All readings and connections are for entertainment purposes only you are fully responsible and liable for your own actions.

2. Be kind if any abusive language or insisting language is used you will be blocked automatically negative is not entertained.

3. If you feel at a point of suicidal thoughts let us know & we will happily guide you in the right direction for professional organisations that can help you with this.

4. No refunds if you book a private paid reading or any service around readings.

5. Nothing is ever guaranteed with any connections you are asked to have a open mind.

6. If you book a service you confirm you are not suicidal or not seeking any mental health care as I am spiritually trained and not medically trained.

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