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Crystals - To help manifest money

I know so many of you are interested in crystals and the power they can provide us with. I thought we would start with crystals to assist you to manifest more money in your life. Please understand a single crystal will not produce money in your life, it will still take work but there are some crystals that can assist you with the energy to manifest money into your life and change your mindset, here are my top 5:

  • Green Jade - This crystal has been used through Chinese history to attract wealth. It can help really focus your energy on financial matters. This crystal is best kept in your bedroom, to manifest that money in your dreams!

  • Citrine - Is a powerful crystal to manifest money, it is a stone of abundance. Use it's energy to both attract and keep money and to encourage generosity. Best kept in you workspace or keep in your purse. Citrine is great to set your intentions, hold it while meditating or even put in your water jug or bottle.

  • Clear Quartz - This crystal is great to help amplify the energy of the other money crystals. It is amazing at keeping your intentions strong eg if you are setting financial goals or setting up a business. Keep this close to your other crystal to help increase the energy.

  • Peridot - With a wonderful positive energy, this crystal is perfect to help boost your income, it really helps with the self believe that you are deserving of money and clear those negative thoughts. Peridot loves light so sit in sunlight with it or by a fire in winter and visualise your financial goals.

  • Malachite - This crystal is an energy magnet! It is fabulous at removing negative energy and works well if placed next to money to attract more, or alternatively place over your heart and set your intentions.

Remember stay open to receive and be patient.

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