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Crystals - For Love!

Crystals have many different wonderful uses, but there are some crystals that are particularly good either to attract love and relationships into your life or to assist you with self love and to deepen your relationships with friends and family.

Embrace the energy of love and take a closer look at the following crystals:

Rose Quartz

This is an absolutely fantastic crystal to attract love into your life as it really opens your heart and opens your eyes to possibilities. You can carry Rose Quartz with you in your pocket, bra or purse. Alternatively keep at home by your bed or before you go to sleep, place Rose Quartz over your heart and set your intentions - a good affirmation to use is simply - I am open to love.


The beautiful green colour of this stone draws you in, with it's amazing vibrant energy. Malachite is a Heart Chakra connector, assisting you to reach a place of trust and let go of negativity. This stone helps you let go of previous destructive relationships and opens your heart to new romantic opportunities. Malachite will give you courage to enter a new relationship with an open mind. Just like Rose Quartz it is great to keep by your bedside or hold over your heart and set your intentions.

Pink Tourmaline

This stone is wonderful to attract love and abundance. It is an aphrodisiac stone. Pink Tourmaline encourages joy into your life! Which I am sure we would all love more of. This is wonderful stone to work out the changes you want to make in your life - very useful when working out romantic relationships. If you like to meditate then do try while holding Pink Tourmaline or alternatively treat yourself to Pink Tourmaline jewelry.


This is a fabulous stone if you are dating, take it with you on a date in your purse or pocket and harness that energy! Aventurine does come in come in several colours, but green is the most popular. It will help you release past negative patterns and increase new growth, perfect for new relationships.


This is a stone of commitment, therefore very helpful in both old and new relationships. Garnet is a stone of sexuality, perfect for attracting new love. It is also perfect for confidence and setting boundaries in relationships. It will help you be clear with your needs and help you set intentions for your love life. You can place Garnet around your home or wear as a beautiful piece of jewelry.


This is a great balancing stone, sometimes it can feel like we will never be in a relationship or find our soul mate. Moonstone gives us hope and reminds us there is light at the end of the tunnel. Did you know that in folklore it is said that if two people wear Moonstone on a fall moon that they would fall madly in love! Moonstone can be placed by your bed or under your pillow.


Not only is this a wonderful stone to manifest money it is also a wonderful stone for self love, amazing for your self confidence as it opens up the Solar Plexus Chakra, also great to encourage more positivity into your life, sometimes before we are ready to love others we need to learn to love ourselves.

Ocean Jasper

Our lives can be so hectic that we can often forget to make time for ourselves in the day, this stone has such a soothing energy it is brilliant to enable those important times. Ocean Jasper encourage self confidence and self esteem, reminding us to love ourselves. It is also a useful stone to work through past relationships. Wear this stone both to dates and other general social situation to encourage positivity.

Remember crystals are just one tool to help embrace love into your life, use them alongside manifesting, meditating and affirmations. Make sure you cleanse your crystals regularly, use the power of when there is a full moon and put your crystals in your garden if you have one or safely on your balcony or window sill, if possible all night but if not a few hours will still work well. Salt also works well to cleanse crystals, simply leave your crystals in a bowl of salt overnight.

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